Thursday, August 23, 2012

Charlotte turns 1!

Charlotte Joy sure lives up to her name, and this last month we watched her grow from a little infant to a walking, dancing, singing laughing, bundle of JOY.  If you can look through her hair, literally, and see her smile, big blue eyes and her ability to play peek-a-boo or try to scare you with a growl, she will easily melt your heart.  It is so fun when babies start really interacting with you and have full on conversations and act like they know exactly what they are saying.  I love how this girl cuddles, just burrowing into me when she is tired, or just needs a hug.  My favorite time is getting her up from her nap and Gracie and I run into her room saying "Yay! Charlotte is awake!" and she gets so excited her arms and legs just go crazy and she starts to laugh waiting for us to come get her:) 
She loves to play, loves to chase and be chased, will hide behind walls waiting for you to come by so she can "roar" at you.  She is a perfect member of our family, and I am so glad that she is mine!
She is a follower of Grace right now,  and as Grace says "Charlotte gets EVERYTHING of mine!" and it is true,  if Grace is playing with her dolls, Charlotte wants them and so on. 
I have not worked with Charlotte as much as I did Grace with words and talking, and it shows with her really saying "Mamma, Mommy or Momomomo" for everything!  She can say "Da Da" and "Ga Ga", but that is rare... it is always "mommy." So, we are emphasizing every word now with her... I'm telling ya, 4 kids is a lot different than 1 when you are building skills, but I am trying to get back to action with her now!


She started to walk quite literally on her birthday, she was taking steps before, then when I was at my parents house she just took off...

She has 3 teeth, and 3 that are breaking though now:(

She can eat pretty much anything now, even dairy which is big! 

She sleeps through the night, and has for a while.  Goes to bed at 7:30ish and sleeps till 7ish.  (We finally have both little ones in the same room and out of our room!  It took many of nights to make that happen, transitioning Charlotte to her room while bringing Grace to sleep with us so she wouldn't wake up, then trying to get Grace back into her bed after sleeping with us for so long was the hardest part.  Inevitably, one kid ends up in our bed by 4 AM everyday... but at that time it is just precious) 

Her hair is longer than most 2 year olds, and everyday I am tempted to just chop it!

She loves to talk on the phone.

When she dances she puts her hands up in the air and spins around...SO CUTE.

Is good at copying sounds and noises that we make as well as expressions.

Loves looking at babies, dogs cats.

Can play outside for hours.

Favorite go-to places when no one is looking?  Trash cans and toilets of course!!!

Bottom line...
I LOVE MY CHARLOTTE, CHAR CHAR, CHARLIE or Little munchkin......

 This is the best cake face we could get...she ate it very well:)
 Playing with her new water table:)
 Hanging out with her God sister Nicene
 Had to capture the blue eyes and long hair


  1. Yay!! Gorgeous Charlotte, you are such a joy to all of us! We love your sweet spirit and smiles!

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